By Missy Crane | February 21, 2020

What the absolute heck is wrong with people? This story is almost too unreal to believe, but sadly it’s true.

In a shocking and disturbing story, a drunk driver hit a pedestrian who was crossing the street and then placed the “mangled corpse” in his passenger and headed to the bar for a beer.

The man was arrested by Texas law enforcement, who say the 2014 white Ford Focus struck an innocent pedestrian who was walking with a shopping cart at around 10:30 p.m. Saturday night in Austin, Texas.

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The drunk driver loaded the corpse into his car and then continued on to the “Beer Garden bar,” about a half a mile away.

When he arrived at the bar he was covered in his victim’s blood.

Upon impact, the body of the pedestrian, who police on Wednesday identified as 55-year-old Lee Martin Cagle, reportedly went up into the air and through the windshield. Officers responding to the incident found the Cagle’s body in the passenger seat of the vehicle about half a mile down the road — the head and some other body parts had been detached.

According to the arrest report, the driver, Paul Joseph Garcia, 24, then calmly exited the parked vehicle and walked up to a beer garden barefoot and “in a manner that caught the attention of the other patrons.”

Officers found Garcia with blood and other debris on him that matched “the blood and body tissue found coated in the interior of the vehicle,” and after performing sobriety tests, arrested him for driving while intoxicated. He had not been served any alcohol at the beer garden.

In the arrest report, investigators noted that debris and body parts were found lining the road for the half-mile from the beer garden back to where the accident had occurred. Near the site of the accident, the pedestrian’s shopping cart was found pushed “into a cluster of mailboxes with enough force to bend a two-inch diameter, galvanized steel post that supported mailboxes.” [The Blaze]

The arrest report states that the driver “calmly” exited his car and staggered up to the bar, catching the attention of other customers.

When officers arrived, the driver was covered in blood and body tissue.

The police report also states that investigators found debris and body parts all along the road for a half-mile from the scene of the accident to the parking lot of  the bar.

Absolutely horrific and macabre.


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