By Missy Crane | February 9, 2020

The Democrats are pushing Mayor Pete, the whipper-snapper Mayor of South Bend as the new “moderate choice.”

Forst off, Mayor Pete is a smug elitist – which is why the establishment loves him. Next, his inexperience is mindblowing – not to mention that even though he hasn’t been at it for very long he still sucks at his job.

South Bend, Indiana is a city that has been made worse thanks to the failed leadership of Mayor Pete.

But the biggest question is – how “moderate” is he? Are there truly any moderate Dems left? Especially young ones?

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Well, if we look into who Mayor Pete’s family is, we may get a clue as to how “moderate” he actually is.

And if we look at his Father  – we likely find out all we need to know about good ol’ Moderate Pete.

In actuality, after what’s been uncovered about his father, he looks a lot more like “Marxist Pete.”

So who is Mayor Pete’s dad?

Well, Mayor Pete’s dad was a “Marxist professor” at Notre Dame University.

Things that make you go “hmmm.”

The father of Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was a Marxist professor who spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto and dedicated a significant portion of his academic career to the work of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin.

Joseph Buttigieg, who died in January at the age of 71, immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s from Malta and in 1980 joined the University of Notre Dame faculty, where he taught modern European literature and literary theory. He supported an updated version of Marxism that jettisoned some of Marx and Engel’s more doctrinaire theories, though he was undoubtedly Marxist.

He was an adviser to Rethinking Marxism, an academic journal that published articles “that seek to discuss, elaborate, and/or extend Marxian theory,” and a member of the editorial collective of Boundary 2, a journal of postmodern theory, literature, and culture. He spoke at many Rethinking Marxism conferences and other gatherings of prominent Marxists.

In a 2000 paper for Rethinking Marxism critical of the approach of Human Rights Watch, Buttigieg, along with two other authors, refers to “the Marxist project to which we subscribe.” [Washington Examiner]

The piece goes on to say that back in 1998, Pete’s dad wrote about an event in New York City that celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto.

This guy really is “white Obama.” 

But not only did he wrote about the event in New York, but he also participated in it.

“If The Communist Manifesto was meant to liberate the proletariat, the Manifesto itself in recent years needed liberating from Marxism’s narrow post-Cold War orthodoxies and exclusive cadres. It has been freed,” he wrote.

Scary stuff. Sounds like Mayor Pete is a plant. He’ll play as if he’s a “moderate” now and then whenever he gets his hands on any power, he’ll do what Obama did and unleash his inner commie.


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