By Missy Crane | February 23, 2020

The next time some dope asks “why would anyone speak out against Trump if it weren’t true?” I want you to remind them of this…and countless other situations just like this.

Book deals.

This is how these people make millions. They become #Resist celebrities by “taking down Orange Man Bad,” and then right after they get a lucrative book deal.

That’s precisely what has happened with one Adam Schiff’s star witnesses during the impeachment sham.

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So, who’s the lucky new millionaire?

Marie Yovanovitch.

Attacking President Trump is a lucrative gig.

News of a seven-figure book deal for the rights to former diplomat Marie Yovanovitch’s memoirs is just the latest example of how it’s done. Giant corporations controlled by progressives, particularly media companies, are serving as the means for rewarding bad behavior by those who are in a position to sling arrows at those targeted by the liberal leadership … even when they miss their mark.

Yovanovitch was most recently the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, appointed by Pres. Barack Obama in 2016. In November 2019, she emerged from a relatively obscure U.S. Foreign Service career as an impeachment inquiry witness called by House Democrats to give testimony that was in effect, pointless.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), a Boston-based publisher, confirmed on Friday in a news release that it acquired Yovanovitch’s planned memoir. Two people familiar with the deal told the Associated Press that it will be worth “seven figures.” [Bizpacreview]

Just look at the Deep State coup operators, Comey and McCabe…those two have gotten rich off their book deals following trying to remove a duly elected president.

Not to mention John Bolton, who had his book done before he hit the parking lot of The White House on his last day.

This the new grift by this anti-American scumbucket # Resist heroes…take on Trump and retire a millionaire.

Based on this, I’d expect to see a lot more willing “star witnesses” in the future.


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