It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks for the Democrats resistance. They have slapped a teenage Trump supporter, driven two teens on bikes off the road, driven a van into six Republicans, punched a retired cop in the face, wrecked Republican information tables and spit on a Betsy Ross American flag. 

On Friday, February 7th, conservatives at UC Santa Cruz were targeted at the college.

The Democrat Resistance was ripping up Republican signs and spitting on the Betsy Ross American flag where Republicans were tabling for free speech. They also shoved a guy to the ground after stealing his flag. Martina Martin, bragged about the vandalism on Twitter by saying, “I had three dudes on me at once and nobody could stop me. LOL.”

A very serious attempt to harm Trump supporters happened on Saturday, January 8th, with little coverage from the liberal media. A man named Gregory Timm drove his van through a GOP voter registration tent in a Jacksonville, Florida parking lot in order to “take a stand” against Trump.

Trump Jr. has blasted the media’s silence after the attack and called them “truly disgusting.” He went on to say, “The [media’s] silence was deafening. The violence against conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters is so prevalent and so underreported, if at all.”

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Six volunteers were manning the tent, two had to quickly get out of the way so they weren’t struck. Timm missed them by about half a foot. He drove his van into one man and five women. Women. He intentionally targeted women.

Time was quite upset that his video of the event was cut off before “the good part.” Yes, he’s quite proud of what he did.

He is being charged with aggravated assault, criminal mischief and driving with a suspended license but apparently not being charged with attempted murder, a hate crime or an act of terrorism.

Have any of the Democrat presidential candidates even commented on this attack, let alone condemn it? 

No. None of them. Not one. Nada. Zero.

On Tuesday, February 11th, it was New Hampshire primary day, Patrick Bradley assaulted a 15-year-old male teenager in the face and shoved another man at a school on the way to a polling station, which resulted with him being charged with three counts of misdemeanor simple assault and a disorderly conduct violation. Witnesses said the attack on the teen was unprovoked. Bradley had yelled at the Trump supporters and campaign workers on his way into the building and assaulted them after he came back out.

The first week of February, a retired New York City police officer was celebrating his birthday in a Nashville, Tennessee bar while wearing a “Make Fifty Great Again” hat and a shirt with a Trump-like slogan. A woman came up to him and took a swing at him, hit him in the face and ran off after yelling, “How dare you.” A police report was filed.

And just this week, a young couple drove towards two teenage boys on bikes with Trump flags. They received two felony counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness.

This kind of violence against Republicans and Trump supporters is not new. Everyone knows about the shooting of US House Majority Whip Steve Scales in 2017 where a deranged left wing activist and Bernie Sanders supporter shot up a practice session for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in Alexandria, Virginia. The Virginia Attorney General called it an act of terrorism fueled by rage against Republican legislators.

There is a website that has been keeping track of assaults against Republicans and it’s quite a list with 92 dating back to June 3, 2016.

The list includes a Republican campaign office set on fire; an attempt to stab a Republican congressional candidate at a local fair; Senator Rand Paul attacked by his Democrat neighbor; an abortion activist threatened to rape Republican Senator Susan Collins; the torching of a man’s truck for having a Trump bumper sticker on it; rioting at college campuses over Republican speakers; numerous beatings and assaults of people wearing MAGA hats and holding Trump signs…

With Democrat politicians not condemning assaults on Trump supporters and many opponents of Trump inciting bad behavior. I wonder how much more prevalent these attacks will become as we get closer to the election in November.