Besides the obvious, both Sanders and Trump being white, rich, male septuagenarians raised in New York City, they are also both anti-establishment candidates with supporters who won’t abandon them.

Have you met any Trump voters who have changed their minds about supporting and voting for him? I haven’t.

I was a Ted Cruz voter in the primary. Trump was about my 9th choice. I was unsure of him because he was previously a Democrat and I saw pictures of him hanging out with the Clintons.

Once Trump became the candidate, I fully supported him, mostly because the the alternative was scary and unthinkable.

I have been more than pleasantly surprised that Trump has been a very conservative Commander in Chief and has kept almost all of his promises.

He supports Israel, our military and our police. He loves America and protects us. He doesn’t go to other countries and trash us. He turned the economy around (no, Obama, it wasn’t YOU). He signed some great trade deals. He got us out of the Iran Deal. The list is long.

2016 Trump voters have become 2020 Trump supporters. They won’t abandon him.

The same can be said for Bernie Sanders supporters. Still reeling from Crooked Hillary stealing the nomination from Sanders in 2016, the Bernie Bros (and women) are ticked off with the DNC and are extremely energetic and passionate about their candidate. Their rallies are getting larger, although to be fair, he has “guests” and rock bands show up to help him draw bigger crowds.

Sanders supporters aren’t going to be switching over to Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg if he’s denied the nomination again. They are loyal to him, not the party.

The party. The establishment.

Which brings us to another similarity between Trump and Sanders. They are both seen as outsiders and considered anti-establishment even though Trump has been President since January of 2017 and Sanders has been the Senator of Vermont since 2007.

Their own parties don’t generally like them or support a lot of what they say or do.

Because of this, the Bernie Bros are worried about another stolen nomination. They point to the shenanigans that went on with the Iowa caucus and the DNC letting Bloomberg qualify for a recent debate.

The supporters of Sanders and Trump think that their candidate has been unfairly treated by the political parties and the media. That just cements their supporters to them even more because they become victims of “the system.”