By Sophie O’Hara | February 25, 2020

President Trump is fighting back y’all!

The Deep State cronies have launched attack after attack on Trump and he’s survived all of them.

He’s truly Teflon Don!

But Trump is returning fire by compiling a “Deep State list” to combat D.C.’s most corrupt:

The Trump White House and its allies, over the past 18 months, assembled detailed lists of disloyal government officials to oust — and trusted pro-Trump people to replace them — according to more than a dozen sources familiar with the effort who spoke to Axios.

Driving the news: By the time President Trump instructed his 29-year-old former body man and new head of presidential personnel to rid his government of anti-Trump officials, he’d gathered reams of material to support his suspicions.

  • While Trump’s distrust has only intensified since his impeachment and acquittal, he has long been on the hunt for “bad people” inside the White House and U.S. government, and fresh “pro-Trump” options. Outside advisers have been happy to oblige.

In reporting this story, I have been briefed on, or reviewed, memos and lists the president received since 2018 suggesting whom he should hire and fire. Most of these details have never been published. [Axios]

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It’s awesome to see not sit back and take this unbelievable corruption in our government and intelligence communities.

He’s fighting back and making them rue the day they ever tried to take him down with salacious lies.

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