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[VIDEO] VA Democrats Drop AR-15 Confiscation After 1000s of NRA Members Storm the Senate

By Missy Crane | January 14, 2020

Folks, pay attention because this is how you win against the tyrannical left.

You show up. 

Thanks to thousands of NRA members storming the Senate, Virginia Democrats have withdrawn their AR-15 confiscation bill.

See how easy that was? Of course, there’s still a long, long road to go but this is the winning “recipe” to defeating these monsters.

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The NRA called on their members to flood the Virginia Senate meetings yesterday to make sure that the pro-Second Amendment voices drowned out those calling for gun control.

And it worked! 

Video from hallways outside the meetings showed NRA members responded en masse.

There were gun-loving patriots as far as the eye could see.

It was a sight to behold!

You can watch the video below:

The presence of thousands of NRA members is what did the trick!

Democrats slithered back under their rocks after they withdrew the bill aimed at AR-15 confiscation. They also moderated other gun control proposals.

But NRA-ILA Virginia state director Daniel Spiker made clear the changes, though good, were not enough.

GOOD!!! Exactly, let it never be enough!

This is exactly how the left behaves when it comes to the LGBTQ mob – they keep pushing for more, more, more, and that’s exactly how the NRA and gun-loving patriots must behave.

He said, “While there were some improvements to some of these bills, overall, it’s still bad legislation. Putting in more regulations and making it more onerous on the law-abiding citizens of Virginia is not something we stand for.”

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