By Missy Crane | January 22, 2020

Conservative journalist Owen Shroyer made fools of “Remove Trump” protesters at yesterday’s impeachment hearing when he asked them why Trump was being impeached and not one of them knew the answer.

How can you stand there as part of a group demanding Trump be removed from office and you don’t even know why he’s on trial for impeachment?

Typical low-info liberals. 

This is called Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome and these people are brain-dead zombies.

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I can tell them why Trump’s being impeached. Because the Dems don’t have a candidate who can beat Trump so they’re desperate and they’re trying to hobble Trump as they head into the election so the Dems eventual (loser) candidate can use the “impeachment” agast him to make him seem “illegitimate” and give himself a leg up.

That would have been a perfect answer and the actual truth.

Instead, these mindless zombies had nothing to say, so they slithered off to look for a new spot where nobody would ask them any questions.

You can watch the video below:

This is the issue with Democrats – nothing they do is based on actual facts. It’s all based on emotion and feelings.

These people “feel” like Trump should be removed. They have no other reason than how they “feel” and what they “want.”

And then, if you really want to have some fun, ask them why they don’t like Trump.

They don’t know the answer to that either. Liberals are so far off the ledge, they don’t even understand their own twisted feelings.

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