By Missy Crane | January 22, 2020

Well, today was the first day of the sham impeachment trial in the Senate and as expected, Schiff and his crew looked like a bunch of inept buffoons.

Also as expected, Dems are demanding witnesses because they did not do a proper job in the House. Now, they want GOP Senators to bail them out and “impeach” President Trump.

No, sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Only the crazy Dems wanted to impeach Trump, and now they can’t expect Republicans to validate their sham.

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McConnell took to the Senate floor where he laid down the law and made it clear that the Senate will hold a “fair process” that will draw a sharp contrast with the “unfair” process that Adam Schiff ran in the House.

The bottom line is this: Dems had a chance to build their case. They didn’t do it. Now, they have to live with the decisions they made and move forward and get this resolved so these do-nothing Dems can start actually working for the Ameican people.

And they met their match with Mitch…ask Nancy, he can’t be played.

You can watch the video below:

You can bet that no matter what, Mitch McConnell will not allow his Senate to be turned into a three-ring circus like the House was.

Mitch runs a tight, professional and Constitutional ship, while Pelosi is operating a booze cruise.

After what the Dems have done to our processes and our Constitution we need an adult like McConnel to run a very clean, very rigid trial that does not allow these scheming Dems even a millimeter of wiggle room because they will take it and turn it into a carnival in no time.

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