By Missy Crane | January 24, 2020

The factless and lackluster Democrat opening case for impeachment is over.

Will there be witnesses? Nobody knows as of yet, but if there are, Hunter Biden better be on the list.

After several days of flubs, snores, and repetitive hurt feelings, it’s finally time for President Trump’s team to take over and put this whole stupid charade to bed.

And if you thought they were going to come out with a flimsy “rebuttal” you couldn’t be more wrong.

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As a matter of fact, President Trump’s lead attorney Jay Sekulow said there would be no rebuttal….instead, he said they’re going on the ATTACK!

Now, that’s what we want to hear, jay!


When they finally get a chance to make their case to the Senate starting Saturday, President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense lawyers aren’t going to present a rebuttal to Democrats claims – they’re going to launch an attack on them – Trump attorney Jordan Sekulow said Friday.

Appearing on “Fox and Friends First,” Sekulow said that Trump’s legal team will expose Democrats’ misstatements – and show how Democrats dishonestly edited witness testimony to distort what witnesses have actually said and meant:

“Well, Adam Schiff, who is the House management leader, has had a problem with the truth since he’s been holding these hearings in the House of Representatives, all the way back to the Mueller report.

“So, we will not, in a sense, it’s not a rebuttal.

But, what we are going to do is attack – attack all the misstatements, all of the half-played clips that didn’t play the entire clip, the entire statement, which ends up changing the entire meaning of what they tried to imply. [CNS News]

During an appearance with Bret Baier last night Sekulow said that he was confident with where this impeachment (sham) was going.

Sekulow plans to shred the Dems flimsy argument for impeachment – starting with the bevy of lies told by Adam Schiff as well as the “edited” videos they used to try and make their fake case.

“I mean, how many times in those videos did you hear, did you see someone’s mouth keep going and the clip stop?

“We’re going to make sure the American people and all one hundred U.S. senators get to see exactly what those Democrat witnesses – that’s all they were: 17 Democrat witnesses – what they had to say, in full.

“Because, what they had to say – in full – is on our side.”


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