By Missy Crane | January 12, 2020

Things in the Smoellett case are not just “heating up,” they’re on fire!

Last week we learned that Jussie is in a boatload of trouble after a Cook County judge signed a search warrant that requires Google to turn over a full year of data from Smollett’s personal accounts. The warrant includes texts, emails, photographs, Google Drive contents, web browsing history, detailed records of where Smollett traveled with his phone, and more.

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Another warrant calls for the identical information from Frank Gatson.

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He’s the choreographer and friend of Smollett who made the 911 call.

Now, we’re also learning that the Kim Foxx, the prosecutor that allowed Jussie to skate free, just hired herself a high-priced lawyer.

Hmmm. The timing seems suspicious…perhaps she and Jussie shared some “Google emails,” huh?

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has hired high-priced private attorneys to represent herself and her office as former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb leads a court-ordered investigation of Smollett’s purported hate crime case and the way Foxx’s office handled the matter.

Foxx hired the former chief federal judge in Chicago, Ruben Castillo, to handle the Webb inquiry for her office. Despite claiming to be the most transparent prosecutor in Cook County history, Foxx’s office refused to reveal how much the taxpayers are paying Castillo for his services.

The Chicago Tribune reported on Wednesday that Castillo is billing the county $250 to $375 per hour for his work on the matter. Castillo called those rates “deeply discounted,” the Tribune said.

Meanwhile, Foxx has personally hired high-priced Washington DC-based attorney Michael Bromwich to represent her individual interests in the Webb probe.

A Foxx spokesperson told the Tribune that neither the taxpayers nor Foxx’s campaign is paying Bromwich’s bills. Notably, the spokesperson did not say who is paying. [CWB Chicago]

I have a feeling that we may actually see some justice served here. it’s highly likely that Smollett coordinated much of his hate crime using Google in some way.

Also, by the sound of things, Foxx may know she’s also in some deep, hot water.

It’s also interesting to note that Foxx won’t say who is paying for her attorney.

Something else for local reporters to dig into.

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