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Report: Federal Judge Just Handed President Trump Game-Changing Victory Over ACLU

By Missy Crane | January 14, 2020

Are you tired of winning yet?

Immigration has been a long and hard road to tow, with judges, organizations, politicians, and liberals fighting President Trump every step of the way. But to his credit, Trump kept fighting.

He could have folded and thrown up his hands and said “it’s too hard, I can’t do t!” but he didn’t. President Trump never gave up the fight and he’s reaping the benefits now.

Case in point – he just won a huge court victory over the progressive radicals running the ACLU.

On Monday, a federal judge ruled that the Trump administration is operating within its authority when separating families stopped at the Mexico border.

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The judge rejected arguments from the ACLU that Trump admin was “quietly returning” to earlier practices – put in place by Obama –  that drew international condemnation.

The ACLU claimed the admin was splitting families over dubious allegations and minor transgressions including traffic offenses…but the judge disagreed and ruled against them.

U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw indicated he was uncomfortable second-guessing government decisions to separate children on grounds that parents were considered unfit or dangerous, or in other limited circumstances like criminal history, communicable diseases and doubts about parentage. He found no evidence that the government was abusing its discretion.

“It is an invitation that is potentially massive in scope, invades an area that is particularly within the province of the executive branch to secure the nation’s border, and goes beyond this court’s class certification and preliminary injunction orders, which were focused on the administration’s practice of separating families at the border for the purpose of deterring immigration, and failing to reunify those families,” Sabraw wrote in a 26-page decision.

In a partial victory for the ACLU, the judge said the government must settle any doubts about parentage before separating families by using DNA tests that deliver results in about 90 minutes.

The ruling was a rare instance of the San Diego judge siding with the administration. In June 2018, he halted the practice of separating families under a “zero tolerance” policy to deter illegal immigration and ordered that about 2,800 children be quickly reunited with family. Lack of adequate tracking systems at the time made reunification a monumental task.

The judge later ordered the administration to identify more than 1,500 additional children who were separated earlier in Trump’s presidency, starting in July 2017. The government is providing information to the ACLU, which, in some cases, has volunteers going door to door in Guatemala.

The ACLU said it was considering its next move. [AP [2]]

The cornerstone of Presdent Trump’s 2016 campaign was immigration, so it only makes sense that the liberal globalists are fighting hm hardest on it.

The global elites want to keep the border open so they get a steady influx of cheap workers and illegal voters. But President Trump has stayed the course and kept his eye on the ball and slowly but surely he’s securing the border.

This piece originally appeared on WayneDupree.com [3] and is used by permission.

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