By Missy Crane | January 14, 2020

What on earth would possess you to go on vacation and defecate inside a sacred temple?

What kind of absolute nincompoop (pun intended) do you have to be?

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Well, 6 tourists did exactly that and now each one of them is facing 4 years in a Peruvian person.

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Hope it was worth it. 

By the way, the first thing I did was scan the article to make sure that no Americans took part in this, and I am happy to report that we’re good – no Americans were involved in this mess.

Six tourists were busted in Peru for allegedly defecating in a sacred temple at Machu Picchu, authorities said.

The group was arrested on Sunday after park rangers and police found them inside the Temple of the Sun, which is off-limits to visitors of the Inca citadel, Agence France-Press reported.

“The six tourists are being detained and investigated by the public ministry for the alleged crime against cultural heritage,” Cusco regional police chief Wilbert Leyva said, according to the report.

Leyva said there was a “fracture” found in a piece of stone that had was “broken off a wall and caused a crack in the floor.” Authorities also discovered feces inside the ancient temple, which is around 60 miles from the Andean city of Cusco.

The group included two Brazilians, two Argentinians, one French tourist and another from Chile, the outlet reported.

They face up to four years in prison each if found guilty of vandalizing the Peruvian heritage site. [New York Post]

Doesn’t it seem as if degenerate behavior is happening more and more nowadays?

It just feels as if society is going down the toilet.

I  understand that no Americans were involved in this, but regardless, I truly believe that we as a country need to get back to the traditional values that made us so great. We need to let God back in. This secular/atheist society that progressive globalists want to thrust upon us is truly demonic.

We need to grab the wheel and steer this boat in a totally different direction.

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