By Missy Crane | January 28, 2020

When I saw this tweet from investigative reporter Paul Sperry on how the 3 major networks blacked out the portion of the Senate trial where the Biden’s Ukriane corruption was exposed I was not the least bit surprised.

The liberal fake news media doesn’t want the American public to see this:

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Florida AG Pam Bondi abs0lutely annihilated the Biden crime syndicate today and showed the entire country (except for people watching soap operas) what an absolute sham this impeachment face truly is.

Biden and his crack-head son should be on trial, not President Trump.

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Bondi certainly made the media very nervous today, by pointing out their hypocrisy. No wonder ABC, CBS, and NBC would rather air soap operas.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is in Iowa campaigning and refusing to take questions from the media while Bernie (the new frontrunner) is forced to sit in the Senate because Pelosi rigged the game to help faltering Joe.

The Democrats are literally imploding before our very eyes.


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