By Wayne Dupree | January 21, 2020

In a nutshell, Pres. Trump is being impeached on two non-crimes. Dems are impeaching him on hurt feelings. The only one committing crimes is former VP Joe Biden, who has been enriching his family for decades.

To keep Americans away from the truth, the media, more specifically CNN, is releasing polls to sway public perception of today’s events targeting Pres. Trump.

Bad actors like CNN and MSNBC never seem to post any information about the polls other than “the results.” If you don’t know by now, polls are the most easily rigged device for attempting to influence public opinion and are frequently the most dishonest and least accurate. Why anyone would believe anything that comes out of one is beyond me.

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The best polls to follow are just talking to people around you at the store, gas station, or another parent at your kid’s school. The people around me are mostly upset with Democrats and their actions. I mean, don’t get me wrong. You will run into trump haters. Listen to them too. Most of the time, they can’t give you a real reason they dislike him.

According to CNN, the poll aligns with the Democratic agenda from almost every angle, with a full 69% of Americans in support of “testimony from new witnesses” in the Senate trial as Republicans split between 48% in favor and 44% not in favor.

Furthermore, the poll also shows that 58% of Americans agree that Trump abused his office to pressure Ukraine into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged corruption in the country.

“Massive partisan gaps continue to dominate views on Trump and his impeachment trial,” continued CNN. “Overall, 89% of Democrats say he should be removed from office, while just 8% of Republicans feel the same way. Among independents, it’s nearly dead even: 48% say the Senate should vote to remove him, while 46% say that they should not.”

Predictably, anti-Trump media heads have been cheerleading the new CNN poll while Trump supporters have dismissed it as yet another piece of partisanship masquerading as objectivity. [Daily Wire]

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Let me correct the headline here real quick: “CNN runs a poll in California. Sadly just barely able to scrape by with 51% regurgitating their preferred view.”

Some polls are very good if you are very careful to follow very closely how they proceeded, what they asked, and not over-interpret. I trust CNN to do none of this. They’re the kind of group that would ask, “If a president commits a crime, should he be removed from office?” and report ‘yes’ answers as, “51% of Americans want Trump impeached!”

The Democrats have made a big deal out of what they interpret as a quid pro quo by Trump. If there was no wrongdoing on the part of either of the Bidens (or other members of the Democratic leadership, like Pelosi), then why wouldn’t they welcome the investigation which would acquit them of all accusations? Instead, they have gone to extreme lengths to prevent that investigation from occurring.

Impeachment is the nuclear option when a President has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Given that the ambassador to the Ukraine and the President of the Ukraine have said that Trump specifically said that he didn’t want any quid pro quos, coupled with the Constitution spelling out that the Executive Branch is not beholden to nor subservient to the Legislative Branch which makes “obstruction of Congress” and “abuse of power” terrible bases for articles of impeachment, makes you wonder “why” they are so adamant about shutting down any investigation into their doings and deals if that is all above board.

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Also, if the American populace has any sense at all, they’ll realize that all that Pelosi et al., have done is abuse their power and waste tens, if not hundreds of millions of the taxpayers’ dollars in pursuing their agenda to depose a sitting President and overturn the will of the American public. All of this in spite of what the MSM propaganda machine is spewing 24/7/365.

The only difference between the mainstream media and the communist propaganda of the USSR and China (or the BBC, for that matter) is that it is not state-sponsored, i.e., taxpayer-funded. It is just as nefarious because the funding comes from globalist corporations and the treacherous Democrat party that runs interference for them.

Oh, and Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself…

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