By David Kamioner | January 14, 2020

Just when you thought President Donald Trump could not fold or spindle the Dems any better, he ups his game.

Today’s example of his psyops (psychological operations) effort against that sad herd of sinecurists and wannabe Che Guevaras is his Monday dubbing of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as their new front runner. This is not long after the Trump campaign dubbed former veep Joe Biden the front runner to the press and anybody else who would listen. DC Rumor is next week he will name a gerbil named Percival as the new Dem primary leader.

What the man is doing in actuality is pitting the perceived moderate wing and the genuine hard-left wing of the party against each other. Now, that flame has already been lit by the Dem contenders themselves. The president is just adding fuel to the fire to keep them off balance.

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Because it’s not like the Trump-annointed primary contest honchos can publicly say what they are thinking. Which is, “Aha, so that imbecile acknowledges me as a superior political being. I knew it!” Can’t give Trump any credibility, so that’s out.

But it is food for fodder for the enemies of the ever-changing front runner because they can say out loud, “Aha (they use that term a lot, I think), My opponent is the candidate that Trump wants to run against. He wants an easy victory. We can’t let that happen!” Then the next month the person who said that is the White House-approved Dem challenger and their own words are spat back at them.

The presidential ploy is effortlessly graceful in its logical simplicity, yet like a well-machined loom in its power of detailed manipulation. Well played as usual Mr. President. Well played.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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