By Missy Crane | January 22, 2020

I’d argue that Pam Keith is one of the most vulgar, unprofessional Democrat women – and that’s saying a lot, because the bar is really, really low for those ghouls.

Who is Pam Keith? She’s a failed Democrat politician from Florida turned Twitter political pundit and rabid Trump-hater.

She took her usual disgusting behavior to new lows yesterday when she attacked Kellyanne Conway’s appearance.

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And not just attacking it – she decided it’d be a great idea to compare herself to Conway in one of the most desperate narcissistic tweets ever.

Clearly, this woman has some kind of undiagnosed personality disorder? Nobody “normal” behaves this way.

Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome is really doing a number on these people.

Keith took to Twitter on Kellyanne’s Birthday (January 21) and said: “Can you believe KellyAnne is 53 today? I turned 51 in Nov. And I’m not even wearing a drop of makeup,” and then posted a side-by-side picture of Conway and her.

It felt like a poorly written scene from the geriatric “Mean Girls” sequel.

People were rightfully outraged at this petty, insecure and ugly behavior. And it wasn’t just Trump supporters. Many liberals also chimed in with their disgust.

You know the old saying Dems have…”When they go low…we go high.” Well, Mrs. Keith certainly isn’t living up to that, is she?

Below are some of the best replies:

“We can literally SEE your makeup, full eyeliner and likely foundation. Trying to come for her looks is low.”

“This is not making the point she thinks it is making”

“Pam, you’re aging like milk.”

“This is petty.”

“What is wrong with you people ?! You shame a woman for her looks? You compare your looks with hers? All because she disagrees with you on politics. Even playground bullies won’t go this low. SHAME ON YOU.”

“Look at me! I’m prettier in my own opinion which makes me the better person! And this from the tolerant left.”

“Believe me… I’m no fan of KellyAnne, but I’m even less a fan of women criticizing each other’s looks. Especially when it’s age shaming.”

“I’m a fan of yours and an ardent critic of hers but you are better than this tweet implies.”

“Women are probably more petty and vindictive to other women compared to men, yet they always blame only the latter for such behavior. But sure, keep singing kumbaya, wearing pussy hats, and claiming some sisterhood exists.”

Hi bunny boilers … Kelly Anne the first female to manage a winning Presidential Election in US history. #hillarylost

“This thread with all the “look at ugly her compared to beautiful me” is extremely telling about the “Good” , “Compassionate”, “Open minded”, “No bullying” modern SJW liberal part of the left. One of the meanest bullying filled threads I have ever seen! Where are the real dems?”

“There’s a lot of ugliness in that tweet and it’s not KellyAnne”

“This tweet is terrible especially now. Call her on her lies, call her on her morality, call her on working for a racist, inept & ignorant man, but don’t shame her age or looks. That’s exactly what her boss would do & it’s unbecoming. When they go low we must always go high.”

This piece originally appeared on and is used by permission.

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