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Confirmation Of CD Media Reporting – US Officials Confident Iran Shot Down Ukraine Airlines 737…Possibly An Attempt To Hurt Boeing?

By L Todd Wood | January 9, 2020

9M330 SAM for 9K330 Tor system
Image by Vitaly V. Kuzmin [1]

News reports today indicate U.S. government officials are confident Iran shot down the Ukraine International Airlines flight recently after firing missiles at bases in Iraq which house U.S. armed forces.

CD Media’s Baruch Pletner reported on this obvious eventuality yesterday. You can read Pletner’s piece below.

The Curious Case Of The Ukrainian Flight From Tehran To Kiev [2]

The question now is – why did Iran do this? Yes, it could have been a mistake, an overreaction in expectation of an American response to their attacks in Iraq. However, they aircraft took off from Iran, so that scenario seems unlikely.

Another possibility is that Iran was looking to hurt the premier aircraft manufacturer in the world — Boeing. The company has been reeling from two crashes involving its 737 MAX aircraft, and additional FAA certification delays due to wiring design issues.

President Trump is reported to have been upset with the EU and Airbus regarding European recertification delays for the 737 MAX.

Another crash of one of Boeing’s major success stories (a 737 going down) would add immense pressure to the crisis management of the company. Another possibility is that Iran just simply shot the plane down out of spite as a sort of revenge.

In any event, an accidental shootdown seems unlikely.

This incident is just one more example of why the Mullah’s regime needs to go. They have no respect for human life and are irredeemable operators on the dark side of evil.

This piece originally appeared on CreativeDestructionMedia.com [8] and is used by permission.