As the year draws to a close, I look back on the many momentous events that shaped the news and commentary in The United States in 2019. Like so many others, I find it a volatile and unpredictable time that is marked by deep political divisions and irrational behavior in the circles of politics. The echo chamber bunker mentality is evident from all corners of the political spectrum.

The rights outrage goes to the incessant attacks on Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress and in the country. The right is angry about attacks on what it perceives are fundamental issues like Freedom and Speech and the Second Amendment. The right is also indignant about the expansion of the socialist mentality.

I however think the irrational behavior of the left can be traced to one primary ‘trigger’. The loss of power in the courts.

Of course, we have all been witness to the unprecedented partisan pursuit of impeachment against President Donald Trump. We have seen charges and counter charges of abuse of power. In the end it seemed to have changed little and today there is little chance the President will be removed from office. In fact, the President continues to roll through a list of promises with astonishing effectiveness.

The Federal benches will be impacted for years to come as The President closes in on 200 new conservative justices appointed and approved by the Senate. This has had a profound impact already on the 1st, 3rd and 9th Circuits.

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His record of accomplishment has been kept nearly secret in the national media, except of course for the things they cannot hide. The economy for example is out in the open. Everybody can see new construction, help wanted signs and packed shopping malls.

The Democrats know they are in trouble come 2020. They are desperately trying to manufacture some kind of case against Trump because it is the only chance they have to stop his agenda. The move to impeachment however has incensed millions of Americans. False claims about a Christian backlash and other false flags will not change this metric.

Unless the Democrats can find an actual crime, 2020 will be the year of Trump. And if Trump wins again it will mean Ruth Bader Ginsburg is replaced by a conservative.

If you thought liberals were sobbing before- wait until RBG is gone and a young raging originalist is there instead. Good Lord- get the crying towels!