By Missy Crane | December 3, 2019

You know your days in the NFL are over when a team plagued with injuries who desperately need a quarterback (and who attended your stupid workout stunt) still take a pass on you and instead sign two newbies.

That’s should be the final blow for you and your sign that it’s time to ride off into the sunset and never look back.

That’s precisely what happened to stuntman Colin Kaepernick, who wants to return to the NFL.

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After a strange “workout” session for some NFL teams (which included the Detroit Lions), Kaepernick hasn’t heard back from any teams that want to sign him. That’s bad enough, sure. But the Detroit Lions just dealt Kap the most humiliating blow yet.

The Lions are plagued with injury and desperately need a quarterback…but guess who they didn’t call?

Yep, Colin.


When the NFL’s Detroit Lions had to place quarterback Jeff Driskel on injured reserve, and with their normal starting quarterback Matthew Stafford out for four consecutive games due to a fractured back, they needed at least one quarterback, but added two over the weekend to their practice squad — and neither was named Colin Kaepernick.

The Lions were one of eight teams that sent representatives to attend Kaepernick’s workout in November. Over the weekend, they signed Kyle Sloter, 25, from the Arizona Cardinals’ practice squad and Joe Callahan, 26, and put both of them on their practice squad, as Fox Business reported. Undrafted rookie David Blough debuted as the Lions’ quarterback on Thanksgiving Day and threw for 280 yards and two touchdowns.

After Kaepernick’s workout for prospective employers, sports business analyst Andrew Brandt wrote in Sports Illustrated, “I have been around the NFL — as an agent, team executive and analyst — for close to 30 years and have never seen the league set up an individual player workout. Teams and agents set up workouts; the NFL does not set up workouts. This was unprecedented.” [Daily Wire]

You can’t blame the Lions for passing on Kap. The NFL is just now recovering from the nightmare Anthem scandal that Colin dragged the league into. Why on earth would any team want to put an anti-American target on their back by hiring a crappy has been?

Especially after Colin’s latest stunt, where he celebrated “un-Thanksgiving” by trashing America (yet again).

Let’s face it, Colin Kaepernick is TOXIC and bad news for any NFL team out there. He’ll never play football again – unless it’s in his backyard.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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