By Missy Crane | December 1, 2019

While I realize that Facebook is mostly concerned about the danger of patriotic Americans who support President Trump, they may want to take a break from that hard-hitting work and look at how their Facebook Live feature is being used.

Case in point – a 24-year-old Utah man reportedly murdered his mother with a bullet to the head and then live-streamed the crime scene on Facebook Live for everyone to see.

Jeffrey Langford was taken into custody after police said he gave conflicting accounts about the death of his mother at a home in North Salt Lake this past  Saturday.

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In the beginning, the police were told that the woman had killed herself. But then discovered that Langford posted a live video to Facebook showing his dead mother and stating on the film that he wasn’t going to go to jail.

When officers arrived at the scene, Langford allegedly left the apartment, covered in what appeared to be blood.

“Jeffrey had a reddish-brown substance on his face and clothing consistent in appearance to blood,” an officer wrote in an affidavit. “Jeffrey also exhibited signs of being intoxicated.”

Langford claimed his mother had been drinking alcohol and shot herself in the head — but investigators said that according to three videos Langford posted online, his mother “would be unable to manipulate a firearm and fire another shot to her head.”

Holker was found dead in the apartment, where a revolver was also found. Langford initially told investigators he did not touch the gun that night, but once it was found with the hammer cocked, he said it was because “he was going to kill himself,” but said it stayed in his mom’s hand.

Langford again reportedly provided conflicting information. When police said they found casings in his room, Langford allegedly said “he removed the gun from Holker’s hand, unloaded the spent casings, and reloaded the revolver,” according to the news outlet.

The 24-year-old allegedly told police he posted the live videos as “a call for help.” Investigators said when they asked Langford what happened when his videos ended, “he paused for a time but later admitted that he did shoot her after the video.”

“I asked him to tell me more. Jeffrey stated his mom did shoot herself in front of him…but she was still alive and in pain,” an officer said, according to the affidavit. “Jeffrey stated he did not want her to be in pain or be a vegetable, so he shot her once in the back of the head with the revolver while she was still alive.” [Fox News]

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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