By Missy Crane | December 2, 2019

I think Eric Bolling speaks for most of us when he says he’s tired of Kellyanne Conway’s “blathering” husband.

The man is completely unhinged and sounds like he needs professional medical help.

When he’s not sharing doctored pics of conservative women and calling them “trash” he’s having a full-blown nervous breakdown over anything and everything Trump. Can you imagine living with this little troll? It must be hell. I don’t understand for the life of me why Kellyanne puts up with this public display of disrespect from this twerp.

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One person who isn’t putting up with it is former Fox News pundit Eric Bolling. He’s had it with Conway and challenged him to debate.

Bolling was responding to another mentally deranged tweet from Conway regarding a propaganda hit piece from the New York Times.

NYT White House Correspondent Peter Baker tweeted a link to another one of his “TDS” articles he wrote about President Trump.

In his OPINION piece, Baker called President Trump is a liar and a “weak negotiator” using his “anonymous sources” to lend “credibility” to the piece – the typical meaningless fluff garbage we see from these yahoos every day.

But dunce liberals can’t tell the difference between opinion and actual factual news, so they think everything they read is true – as you can clearly see by Conway’s dopey response.

[email protected] is an imbecilic, incompetent pathological liar, Exhibit X,XXX. ”

Bolling took to Twitter where he called out Conway’s “blathering” and told him to “up his game” and called him “Georgie” hahaha!

“I am SO DAMN TIRED of your blathering on and on about politics. Come on and debate me. Light me up big guy. Let’s see what you got, away from your keyboard or the safe confines of friendly cable nets. Up your game Georgie”

Do you think Conway will take Bolling up on his offer?

No, he won’t. Conway says nothing based in “fact,” it’s all emotion-driven, which is pretty humiliating for a so-called attorney.

Men like Conway are insecure, small-minded cowards. He’s a keyboard “bully” who would never try and back up his “blathering” in real life…He’d make an even bigger fool of himself.

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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