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Democrats Top 10 Problems in 2020

The Democrats entered 2019 with wind in their sales and a pep in their step following the huge mid-term elections that saw 40 seats in Congress flip blue including several in strong Republican districts. They came in with great promise but as the year wore on and with impeachment taking center stage for the last three months, the momentum seemed to not only dissipate but reverse altogether in many places.

The Democrats great promise for 2019 gave way to a barrage of endless hearings and investigations. One major hope after another fizzled before their eyes.

The Mueller Report was the first major let down of many. Democrats and the media hoards (or whores if you’d prefer for greater accuracy) buzzed with excitement and anticipation of the Presidents impending political doom. Too many to remember were declaring that soon there would be overwhelming evidence that President Trump had colluded with Russians to steal the 2016 election. California Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff claimed time and again that he had seen the proof and soon everyone would know the truth.

The truth however turned out to be that Mueller’s team could produce no evidence of any untoward behavior between the President and the Russians. From there the Democrats and their media water maidens pivoted to the idea Trump had obstructed justice. That also went nowhere.

Finally in September, after his staff met secretly with a disgruntled State Department employee, Schiff began an all new fishing expedition to tie The President to criminal activity for discussing potential corruption connected to former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter with Ukraine’s new President Volodymyr Zelensky. They screamed the President had committed crimes like bribery, extorsion, abuse of power (whatever that means) and being completely too big for his britches. This time they were able to parlay that mess into a one-sided, partisan impeachment on two very weak counts. It passed but went nowhere.

Now millions of Americans are asking what did the Democrats do with their new majority in the House of Representatives? What have the Democrats done to help advance the cause of healthcare, prescription drugs, jobs, the environment or anything at all of concern in the country? The answer is a resounding, not a hell of a lot.

Now the Democrats are staring at the new year with Nancy Pelosi refusing to send the approved articles of impeachment to the senate for a trial. The last time we went through this it took the house only minutes to vote in favor and send it across the Capital.

Now the nation is fatigued and confused by the whole spectacle and wants to know why so much time and millions of dollars were squandered if there really wasn’t enough evidence to actually take impeachment to trial because of a lack of evidence. I mean what a colossal waste of resources!

Going into 2020 it gets a lot tougher for the left. Now with some of the weakest candidates ever assembled for a White House run they are running headlong into a buzzsaw of questions and problems.

Here are the top 10 problems they face in no particular order:

Bernie Sanders- A 78 year old commie with a lousy attitude and a propensity for yelling at people. Yeah this guy is a poster child for everything wrong with politicians. He lives in one of three luxury homes with a multi-million dollar net worth while turning every other successful person into a villain. The term pompous ass isn’t strong enough. He also enjoys rock solid support from the far left.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/The Squad- This brain trust has routinely been caught demonstrating a clear lack of understanding of basic economics and American government. At least two squad members, Rashida Tlaib and AOC are being investigated for violating election laws by using campaign funds for themselves and trying to hide other money. The Squad has also been nailed for anti-Semitic remarks and tropes numerous times. They are a big turn off to voters across the country. Plus they gave us the blueprint to destroy America in a few easy steps and then bundled it up with a quaint name, The Green New Deal.

The Economy- It’s the one thing Democrats and the media cannot figure out how to spin into a negative message. The economy in The United States is the envy of the world according to The President. It appears to be completely true. We are all enjoying economic conditions like we have never seen before. The lowest unemployment rates in a couple generations, the largest number of Americans working ever and wages that are rising every year. These boom times have been especially good to blacks, hispanics and women. This is tough to argue with. However, Joe Biden did say without reservation recently that he was more than willing to toss hundreds of thousands of Middle-Class, blue-collar workers out on their asses in pursuit of the Green New Deal. Nothing like a dog whistle for the elitist left to kill you campaign.

Joe Biden- Speaking of Ol’ Uncle Joe, it’s a wonder that he is even coherent enough on most days to sound remotely intelligent. The famously gaffe prone Democratic frontrunner is setting an all new standard of shoving his foot in his mouth. He often has no idea what state he’s in because of a constant state of confusion. In addition to tossing workers out in pursuit of virtue signaling he has also had to reel in comments that he would not comply with Congressional subpoenas to testify about his connection to corruption in Ukraine.

President Trump- As much as they attack him, the problem is they do it 24 hours a day. Democrats trying to win The White House have almost no air time while The President is getting wall to wall coverage daily. Hell, if the guy ordered a ham sandwich in public these cable news networks would put together a panel of “sandwich experts” to discuss cruelty to pigs and the dangers of gluten. They would explain that school kids should not be exposed to someone normalizing the consumption of meat and wheat. Meanwhile, Trump takes full advantage and would order the ham on Jewish Rye just to make their heads explode.

Nancy Pelosi/Adam Schiff/Jerrold Nadler- The three blind mice were warned by fellow Democrats and Progressives that anything short of a lock-tight rock solid case they should refrain from endless investigations that lead nowhere or worse to a meaningless impeachment. Well congratulations, tell ’em what they’ve one Johnny! “Thank you Steve, our three contestants have won a one-way ticket to the House minority on the express train.” Yes, it seems these fools, two from California and one from New York actually believe people in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania actually give a rip about their pontificating and nauseating displays of political piety. Yeah, I’ll see you in November.

John Durham- This is where the real report of problems inside the machine are going to come from. With the blessing of Attorney General Bill Barr, the power of a Grand Jury and an actual criminal investigation, this guy really might be the Dems boogey man. Let’s be honest, the Democrats and their media pals (ball washers) have been doing everything they can to turn Durham and Barr into Donald Trumps personal assistants. They want you to think these two are dirty like their buddies James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strzock and the rest of the clowns working at the insurance agency. Spoiler alert here: Durham and Barr are straight and what they are doing will rip the lid off some very shady operators- including those listed above.

Fmr. NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers- He is my dark horse problem for the Democrats and it could be of epic proportions. You see a lot of recent reporting indicates Admiral Rogers was specifically excluded from meetings that focused on the nearly completely discredited Steele Dossier and the now suspect spy games focused on the Trump Campaign. Rogers also took time to meet with then President Elect Trump alone in December of 2016. Some are speculating that he filled in some of the information about spying and what was really going on. Time will tell and so will the Admiral at some point.

Impeachment- Maybe the biggest dud and the biggest problem of all for the Democrats has turned out to be impeachment. After all the histrionic claims that Trump was a direct threat to the entire nation and liberal cries that he must be impeached immediately, the Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi didn’t even send the articles of impeachment over to the Senate for trial. This is yet another big turn off for voters who have actual jobs, lives, families and responsibilities. They do not have time for the non-sense of the three blind mice or their friends.

The Election- You’d better get your crying towels ready because The 2020 Election itself is the biggest problem facing the Democrats and all of the cry baby reporters that swaddle them daily. After all is said and done, President Trump at this moment in time is looking at a landslide Electoral College victory. Some like Moody’s Analytics say he could bring in more than 350 on November 3rd 2020. The left might be left screaming he didn’t win the popular vote and to that I say so what. It’s not about how many yards you rack up, it’s how many points you put on the board. I realize the left cannot stand playing by the rules but this time around the nation will rule in favor of President Trump again.

And that is the Democrats biggest problem of all.