By Missy Crane | December 2, 2019

Not all Democrats are crazy, TDS-infected zombies.

There are a couple of good ones left…and I do mean just a couple.

Democratic Congressman Jefferson Van Drew of Minnesota says it’s not his job to like or not like President Trump. He said that he was sent to D.C. to exact as much goodwill as he possibly can while helping hi district while he’s president.

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And while Van Drew does consider the president’s actions on Ukraine “unsavory,”  he said he’s heard nothing that would persuade him that Trump did something to warrant removal from office.

“No president has ever been removed from office,” Van Drew points out. “And to have a small, elite group of lawmakers do so when an election is less than a year away seems to him to be not only unfathomable but un-American.”

Amid glossy photos of prominent politicians adorning Democratic Congressman Jefferson Van Drew’s Capitol Hill office is a framed picture of him with Donald Trump.

It’s from 2008, when Van Drew was a state senator and the future president visited Atlantic City to christen the Chairman Tower at the Trump Taj Mahal. Both are wearing business suits, red ties and smiles.

“Nothing really amazing,” Van Drew, who goes by Jeff, recalled. “It was a ribbon-cutting. He was very gracious. Very nice. Ivanka (Trump) was there. We talked for about 10 minutes.”

That he would choose to display the photo among those of Democrats Bill Clinton and Bill Bradley speaks to a level of respect the freshman congressman from South Jersey has for Trump, a nod that is uncommon among Democratic lawmakers, many of whom view the president as a polarizing figure.

House Democrats overwhelmingly backed an impeachment inquiry of Trump in October. Van Drew was one of only two Democrats who broke ranks with House leaders and opposed the inquiry into accusations that Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump denies the allegations and has called the inquiry a “hoax.”

Collin Peterson, a 15-term veteran from Minnesota who chairs the Agriculture Committee, was the other dissenter.

Months before the inquiry began, some Democrats tried to avoid the president as he entered the House chamber in February to deliver his State of the Union speech, but not Van Drew, who made it a point to shake Trump’s hand.

Van Drew, a former dentist from Cape May, says he dislikes the president’s “rudeness” at times but agrees with some of his positions and doesn’t openly shun the president as some of his colleagues have.

“My job isn’t really to like or dislike him,” he said in an interview with USA TODAY in his office on Capitol Hill. “My job is to exact as much goodwill and help for my district and for this nation and for this world that I possibly can while he’s president.”

After days of testimony detailing Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, House Democratic leaders want to hold a vote on articles of impeachment by the end of the year. It the articles are approved, that would send the matter to the Senate for a trial on whether Trump should be removed from office. But Van Drew remains opposed to impeachment, saying it would fracture the nation. The stance has won praise from the president, who has tweeted out his words.

While he considers the president’s actions on Ukraine “unsavory,” the congressman said he has yet to learn of anything that would persuade him Trump did something to warrant removal from office.

No president has ever been removed from office, Van Drew, 66, points out. And to have a “small, elite group” of lawmakers do so when an election is less than a year away seems to him to be not only unfathomable but un-American. [USA Today]



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