By Missy Crane | November 19, 2019

It’s funny…The fake news media is once again going crazy, demanding to see President Trump’s medical records, while ignoring the very obvious “senility” issues from powerful politicians on the left, like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

Pelosi’s speeches and press conferences are a daily disaster. She slurs and can’t pronounce simple words and forgets what time of day it is – and that’s just for starters.

Remember when she thought Abe Lincoln was a “founding father?”

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Well, here we are again…another Pelosi speech and another slurring and confusing disaster.

Pelosi was stumping for candidate Davis Trone who is running for Congress when she tried to slam President Trump.

It backfired spectacularly because, in the midst of her rant against Trump, she got confused and referred to America as a “continent, shining from sea to shining sea.”


I think the media should be asking for Nancy’s health records, don’t you?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was campaigning for Congressman David Trone on Sunday when she mistakenly claimed America is a “continent,” not a country.

While denouncing President Trump and pushing what she sees as Democratic values, Pelosi claiming Trump is dishonoring his oath of office, demeaning “who we are as a people, America as a people.”

She mused, “What is America? This beautiful, beautiful continent, from sea to shining sea and beyond.” [American Mirror]

You can watch the video below:

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