By Missy Crane | November 17, 2019

Last Friday the Democrats trotted out former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch as their third witness in the farcical “impeachment inquiry.”

It was unclear exactly why she was there to testify; except to complain about being transferred out of her ambassadorship. It felt more like an HR complain than an impeachment issue.

Yovanovitch was the type of witness Dems like to parade out to elicit some sympathy from people. Reminds of the “baby-voiced” Dr. Blasey-Ford who claimed (without witnesses or evidence) that Justice Bret Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her over three decades ago.

Many simpletons bought into the charade – people lie anti-Trump hack Chis Wallace, who claimed if people weren’t “moved” by Yovanovitch’s testimony, they didn’t “have a pulse.”

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Well, I guess most of us were watching the hearing “half-dead” then.

But all was not sympathetic and rosy for the former Ambassador. As a matter of fact, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is now calling her out for lying.

Dobbs says that Marie Yovanovitch Lied About Her ‘Do Not Prosecute’ List.

“As for events during my tenure in the Ukraine, I want to reiterate first the allegation that I disseminated a ‘do not prosecute’ list was a fabrication. Mr. Lutshenko, the former Ukrainian prosecutor general who made that allegation has acknowledged that that list never existed.”

Lou Dobbs: Oooh, not quite! Not quite! As investigative journalist John Solomon and The New York Times have both reported, Lutsenko denies that he ever retracted that allegation.

So, if she lied to Congress, can we expect that she will be prosecuted and face 50-years in prison, like Roger Stone?

You can watch the video below:

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