By Missy Crane | November 12, 2019

Radio icon Michael Savage is worried about his country.

Savage believes that so much damage has already been done to our country, that even when President Trump is reelected to a second term (because we know he will be), we as Americans will still face decades of darkness.

“No, I’m pessimistic,” he said when asked if he is hopeful for the country’s future. “I think Donald Trump, even if he wins a second term, it is the last gasp of America as we know it. I think we’re going to enter years and years, if not decades of darkness.”


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Savage points to immigration as one of the main problems, and he’s not wrong. What our elected and non-elected globalist officials have done to this country is criminal.

Savage said the nonstop flow of illegal immigration from South America is the chief crux of his doomsday message.

Michael is also worried about impeachment and is warning conservatives that Senate Republicans cannot be trusted.

“They’ll go whichever way the wind blows,” Savage predicts, pointing to how Republican Senators have repeatedly broken their promises to voters, referencing their decades-old failure to secure the porous Southern border.

“They’re quislings and are liable to go against [Trump] if push comes to shove. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them and an elephant is their symbol. They never liked him, they never wanted an outsider in the presidency. They wanted someone who was amongst their club,” he adds. “The club machine on both sides decides who will become president. Along came this outsider, this gruff, vulgar businessman, and they hate him and still do. I don’t trust many of them, if any of them.” [Breitbart]

Savage says the Republicans will go “whichever way the wind blows. He wants us to remember that they’ve broken promises before…and then pointed to the Southern border which they said they would secure for years. They lied.

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“I see the mass of illegal immigrants, who are illiterate even in their own language. They have none of our shared values. They will never be Americans and embrace the values that built this country,” he explained. “They’ve been steeped in hatred for this nation by the media and the universities. And they have a very dim view of our nation, even though they love the benefits that have accrued from far better people than them.”

In another segment of Savage’s exclusive interview, the conservative talker explained that America — or any sovereign nation — will survive only if its citizens and ruling class preserves its borders, language, and culture — a credo he coined at the beginning of his radio career over 25 years ago.

“There’s not a nation on earth that’s not defined, or was not defined until recently — when the globalists like Angela Merkel, who destroyed Germany and others destroyed nations by making their borders disappear,” Savage said. “Without a common language, you have a Tower of Babel and the nation falls apart because there’s no cohesion. Do you understand the globalists purposely wanted to create Towers of Babel in every western nation in order to weaken and destroy them? What does culture mean? The U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, ring a bell?” [Breitbart]

This piece originally appeared in and is used by permission.


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