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Cavuto Stuns Viewers by Ripping on Trump for Attacking Chris Wallace

By Objectivist Staff | November 19, 2019

Fox News host Neil Cavuto has come to the rescue of his colleague Chris Wallace, after President Donald Trump attacked the former.

On his show, Your World, Cavuto said, “What makes something fake news? I would assume if the news being reported is fake or wrong and the person reporting that news knows it is fake or wrong, that is bad.”

He continued, “But what if the news being reported is accurate, the facts are good they just sound bad? My colleague Chris Wallace has discovered again the president doesn’t distinguish.”

Trump lashed out at Wallace over the weekend, for a tough interview he had with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

Cavuto said, “Passions run deep these days, but facts should run deeper. Even if those very facts can elicit wildly different reaction, some insisting they exonerate the resident and others adamant say they all but indict the president.”

“You are not the first president to say the media has it out for you. No less than press darlingJohn F. Kennedy himself had his moments with the media,” Cavuto said. “We can’t please all. The best we can do as journalists is to be fair to all, including you, Mr. President. That’s not fake doing that, what is fake is not doing that, what is fake is saying Fox never used to do that. Mr. President, we have always done that.”

Cavuto finished by telling Trump that journalists are “not entitled to praise you but we are obligated to question you, and to be fair to you. Even if it risks inviting your wrath. You are free to rage. All we are free to do is report and let the viewers decide.”

This piece originally appeared in the Objectivist [1] and is used by permission.

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