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Heartless Slaughter and Mindless Reaction

Political lightweight and mental midget Beto (that’s not really my name) O’Rourke, would have you believe that if you and I are disarmed immediately the world would be a safer place. Beto is also a horrendous Presidential candidate for the Democrats who is embracing the weekend tragedies in El Paso and Dayton for a political lifeline.

His Presidential aspirations died a few weeks ago but he is unable to accept his epic failure and the inevitable spiral into irrelevance, so he grabs on to the bodies of those gunned down by other sick people in a desperate hope to remain relevant.

What else does he have?

Beto, is not alone sadly, except for making up a weird name for no apparent reason, in attacking America’s gun owners and blaming them once again for the bloodthirsty savagery of insane bastards who kill innocent people without regard. The video game mentality plays out in real world scenarios with very real consequences.

All too predictably Beto and the like also blame The National Rifle Association and President Trump simultaneously, despite the fact that neither had anything to do with the annihilation of innocent people in any mass shooting.

Republicans and the NRA are no more to blame today than Bill Clinton or Barack Obama were during Columbine or The Pulse Nightclub massacre.

This is however the singular play of liberals and Democrats anytime a tragic event like the ones in Texas and Ohio unfold. They believe (or do they) if only they could have universal background checks that mass murderers like the 21 year-old monster that unloaded in a Texas Wal-Mart would be neutralized. If only they could take away “assault rifles” then what happened at a Dayton nightclub would never happen again.

They know it’s a lie.

They know that so-called universal background checks are not some magic bullet to cure the evil that lurks among us and on too many days rears its ugly head. They know their “common sense gun laws” would do nothing to stop the random carnage at schools, shopping centers and bars or lessen the incredible pain inflicted on Middle America far too often.

The singular goal of the progressive Democrat left is the total disarmament of every American citizen and they will use every drop of blood splattered by the sick and twisted individuals in mass casualty attacks to push their gun-free agenda.

I believe that some of these twisted politicos actually hope for this kind of carnage- because it proves they are right in some self-promoting dark way.

I believe some hard-core anti-gun activists secretly rejoice when they get a notification on their phones of an ‘active shooter’ alert. They hope this will be ‘the one’ that finally gets America to say no more- and crack down on the civil rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Owning a gun to defend yourself and your family is a Human Right but you will never hear Beto or Bernie or Biden say that.

From this moment forward you can be sure that gun control and taking any guns you might own away to make sure you are safe, will be a centerpiece of Democrat talking points.

They are actively targeting your rights as a citizen because that is truly meaningless to them. If they can convince enough people that guns are the problem- and people like you that own them are too, they can get more power and run your life for you. When you have been disarmed they will quickly move on to telling you what you are allowed to say and sing and write.

If the 2nd Amendment is decimated, the 1st is soon to follow.

There will be no common sense gun laws of course but totalitarian laws that strip you of any rights at all. There is no other way to ‘make sure this doesn’t happen again’.

In the aftermath of two mass shootings the outcry from gun control activists will be deafening. At some point more of these laws will get passed by various states and yet we will still see the same kind of carnage at the hands of soulless madmen. That is when the demands for complete confiscation will reach fever pitch.

We must have “common sense laws” they’ll proclaim and there simply will be no justification for average Americans to have guns. After all they will say hunting is not what it once was and some hunting camps will be allowed to keep a few single shot rifles and shotguns to preserve this American heritage. It’s what you find in places like Ireland they will tell you.

That will be the end of it.

I don’t know when it will come to pass but there is a day coming when the 2nd Amendment as we know it- will not exist any longer and those who demand you surrender every single one of your guns will celebrate it’s destruction.

People like Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and their hordes of useful idiots that will usher in this new day of ‘enlightenment’. The National Rifle Association will become a burned out relic and a footnote to history along the way as well. If it’s not destroyed by its own internal strife it will certainly fall victim to an endless parade of lawsuits aimed at the heart of freedom.

The end of your liberty is in their sites and they are a very determined bunch. You have been warned.