The Left Scores Zero On Trump Predictions

So many pundits have been wrong for so long that it is amazing that they still make
any prognostications at all. The predictions that have failed one after another
include ones that said President Trumps behavior was reckless and would certainly
lead to war, likely a nuclear war with North Korea; Donald Trump would never be
able to reach any accord with Kim Jong Un; June 12th was an impossible date to be
prepared for and any such summit would have to be postponed; President Trump
would never be able to get China to apply maximum pressure on the North Koreans;
President Trump could never secure the support of Russia for sanctions against
Kim; The United States could never get support from the United Nations Security
Council; and if a summit were scheduled Kim would never show up at all.

Every single one of those predictions were the talking points championed by the left
and every single one was proven completely wrong. Yet these same babbling,
frothing seers parade out each day more prophecies of doom, gloom and failure for
Donald Trump and his administration. Remember these dolts are the same ones that
have made a whole series of other predictions as well. Many of these folks if you
look back said Barack Obama could never defeat the Clinton Machine. Then they set
their sights on Donald J. Trump and appear to have been wrong ever since.

Here is a list of the more spectacularly bad forecasts:
1. Trump will never run for President
2. Trump doesn’t really want to be President
3. Trump is only running to make more money in the next season of The
4. Trump can never beat serious candidates like Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz
5. Trump can never win the nomination and will never be the nominee
6. Trumps numbers will nosedive long before the primaries get rolling
7. Trump cannot get enough delegates to secure the nomination
8. Trump cannot maintain a campaign through November
9. Trump will lose every debate
10. Billy Bush and the tape have ended the Trump campaign
11. Trump cannot compete against Hillary Clinton
12. Trump will destroy the Republican Party
13. Trump will destroy America
14. Trump can never win the General Election
15. Trump will never win Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina or
Florida. It isn’t possible
16. Trump will never make it through his first 100 days
17. Trump will fail to get anything done
18. Trump will never pick conservative justices for the Federal Courts
19. Trump won’t be able to cut taxes for the American people
20. Trump can’t defeat ISIS in a few months
21. Trump will not be able to leave the Paris Climate Accords
22. Trump won’t be able to renegotiate NAFTA
23. There is no way Trump can get a deal on Dodd-Frank
24. Congress will never let Trump roll back regulations
25. Trump will cause World War 3
26. Trump will be the last President ever
27. Trump will never be able to move the American Embassy in Israel to
Jerusalem. Moving the embassy will take years
28. Putting together a summit with Kim Jong Un will take years
29. Trump will never get GDP to 4% or better
30. Unemployment will never fall below 5% with Trump and certainly not below
31. As President Trump will never be able to improve the Veterans
32. Trump will never be on good terms with China
33. Trump can say what he wants but he can never have any serious impact on
34. Trump will never get anything done with Kim Jong Un because he could
never get a summit in the first place

It is truly breathtaking how many times these allegedly serious commentators have
been wrong and how wrong they have been. It’s not just that they missed by an inch;
in most cases these people missed by a country mile. Yet today they are howling like
smashed cats as if we should take them seriously.

We shouldn’t.

Even more telling is the fact that scores of these so-called experts worked in
previous administrations that failed in ending nuclear proliferation by North Korea.
They all failed to prevent Kim Jong Un from obtaining the very weapons of mass
destruction President Trump is working to take off the table. Why would we listen
to these people at all? They all failed and their administrations failed to do anything
even close to what Trump has done. I’ve also noticed that not one of the shrill
detractors or #NeverTrump critics have offered up one single idea on what they
would do differently that would be more effective than sitting down face to face to
discuss peace with Chairman Kim.

If you read The New York Times or The Washington Post or watch the liberal cabal
news networks you realize quickly that most of these experts are in full on panic
and actively looking for anything to discredit the President. Their real focus is on
stopping the ever more likely re-election of the 45th President. That of course can
never happen just ask them. They will boldly tell you about the impending blue
wave, Russian collusion and the end of the Trump Presidency.

None of that will happen.

The left-wing-echo-chamber-media has been wrong almost too many times to count
when it comes to the American and world phenomenon known as Donald J. Trump,
President of The United States. As I have been telling you for a long time, Trump will
deliver a peace accord to officially end the Korean War, he will bring to an end to the
nuclear pursuits of North Korea and deliver prosperity to the North for the very first
time. Again, bank on it!

Oh, and one more thing; in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin The
President will out perform the polls again this November as he has since 2015.
Trump will enjoy a rare mid-term election with his party picking up momentum and
giving him even more political clout to continue with his agenda.

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