Michigan Mom Ordered To Share Custody With Rapist

A woman who was raped when she was just 12 years old has been ordered by a Judge in Sanilac County Michigan to now share legal custody and parenting rights with her rapist!

The woman and her 8-year-old child were first told they had to leave their home in Florida and return to Michigan because Judge Gregory S. Ross of the 24th Circuit Court Family Division had granted both joint legal custody and parenting time to Christopher Mirasolo. Mirasolo raped the woman when she was 12 and he was 19. However, in that case he was only sentenced to 6 and a half months in the county jail. After his release he raped again and this time served 4 years in prison. Despite all of this, the Judge and the County Prosecutor, James V. Young, saw fit to grant Mirasolo joint legal custody and parenting time with the child.

As if that wasn’t enough the Judge also restricted the child’s domicile, residence and shared the address of the victim with the convicted sex offender. According to a statement released by the woman’s attorney, Rebecca Kiessling “this was all done without the knowledge or consent of the victim.”

“This is absolutely outrageous,” said another attorney associated with the case, William Wagner of the Great Lakes Justice Center. Appearing on The Steve Gruber Show Wagner said it is a shocking decision by both the Judge and the Prosecutor. “This is absolutely ridiculous and that’s why the victim sought help from Michigan Right to Life,” which strongly opposes such an order.

Rape of a minor under 12 years of age by an adult older than 17 can carry a penalty of life in prison but not less than 25 years. However, the Prosecutors office pled the matter down to a third degree criminal sexual assault, which resulted in, the original short stay in the County Jail.

Both the Federal government and the State of Michigan have laws prohibiting such abuses as those displayed by Judge Ross or Prosecutor Young but they seemed to have not been swayed by the facts of the case.

Rebecca Kiessling, herself the child of a rape, is taking the woman’s case pro bono on behalf of her foundation, Hope After Rape Conception.


  1. Geraldine Kartes

    It is way past the time when Congress should have passed a law stating that the perpatrator of a rape, regardless of ages, that results in a pregnancy, shall have NO rights regarding the mother or child/children unless the mother requests it. Although I do believe that the rapist should be required to pay all medical costs and contribute to the child’s needs financially.
    The judge and prosecutor in this ruling should be, at the very least, sanctioned and hopefully will not be re-elected!!

  2. Laurence Bates

    This is not democracy, it is not liberty and it is not justice. The judge in this case seems to be imposing his own personal belief system on a young woman who has already been traumatized enough. This is not acceptable and Judge Gregory S. Ross should be censured by the Michigan legislature. His decision should also be reversed and recorded as an extraordinary miscarriage of justice.

  3. Crystal Odom

    Hello I’m with concern mothers of America and I just wanted to know that if you rape someone and you get them pregnant and they have your child can that person who raped be charged with Grandtheft as a result he in fact stole the child that person should also be charged with torture due to the mother having to endure pain from giving birth

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