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BBC brolley and camera in media village behind railings as tension mounts outside St Mary's Hospital, Paddington London, where media and royalists await news of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge's impending labour and birth. Some have been camping out for up to two weeks during a UK heatwave, having bagged the best locations where an heir to the British throne will eventually be shown to the world.

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I was asked to be on the BBC regarding Donald Trump and his alleged invitation for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Here are some of the the points I made during the broadcast.

-I Watched Donald Trump News Conference Live- I did not believe it was a serious comment- I took it for what it was- a jab at Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s ‘extremely careless behavior’ regarding emails and language

-No serious person would even entertain that this is somehow a breach of national security or espionage or treason

-DNC avoiding conversation about the real story, email scandal-

-racist emails

-sexist emails

-homophobic emails

-anti-semetic emails

-election was rigged by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC

-Bernie got screwed and everyone knows it

-Tonight Sanders supporters are planning walkouts and demonstrations

-Trump leading in all recent major polls- Democrats are desperate to change the  subject- blame Russia- who Obama laughed off Russia as a serious threat many times including during his debate with Mitt Romney in 2012- “the 1980’s called and want their foreign policy back.”

-LA Times has Trump +7

-Democratic Party was supposed to be unified- clearly it is not- needed a distraction

-Did Russia hack emails- maybe- no one knows yet- that is a serious problem if so- but they weren’t waiting for Donald Trump’s permission if they did

-If Russia was going after those emails that happened long ago- Hillary’s server is gone anyway

-Hillary said they were nothing but yoga routines and wedding plans anyway

-Obama reached out to enemies like Cuba, Iran, The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt- that is ok but Trump saying he would like to get along with Putin to get things done in the world is a bad thing? Does the term double standard ring a bell?

You can click here to listen to my interview-

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  1. Gregor

    I’m in Texas and have never heard of you but I heard you on NPR from the BBC interview. WOW did you ever kick butt! You never let them control the interview. You hammered them with the facts until They couldn’t wait to exit the ring! WTG! Why aren’t you EVERYWHERE??

    1. Author
      Steve Gruber

      Gregor, thank you for your kind comments. I like to report the facts and appreciate people who recognize it, like you. We are growing all the time on our network and I hope one day to be in your area. You can get always get my show on your smart phone Mon-Fri 6am-9am ET.

  2. Ken Gorris

    I used to listen to you from Camp 2 Fire in Michigan . I miss that show, have caught you sometimes on cable outdoor shows. Every Monday morning when I go to Lansing I can’t wait to reach Flint radio 1470 to turn the dial. No offense Paul Smith but Steve G. says things you won’t hear on big city talk stations. Keeo up the great work!

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